Friday, November 9, 2007


When asked what it’s like playing bad guys, De Niro replies, “I don’t play bad guys. I play people who make choices that are different from other’s.” Rebels. Slim broke the/our doorknob off in his hand. Actually it seemed to give up. We have 2 grown men “fighting” over someone who seems/is said to be a hermaphrodite. I think I’ll spend the rest of my “time” in this cell. Knob or not. Children of Bodom and True Grit. Some more Shirley Jackson. Perfect weather. Got a nice comment to which I respond…

Thanks C. I’m doing alright. I send you & S my love & 1,000 hugs. Drama? Only if you mean Ed Albee or E. Taylor. Hot tacky sticky drama not for sake of. Otherwise strictly chaos, baby. Create a new world. No more baking for this guy. Sounds like all is good. Still in same place? If you see P say hey and share some of those hugs & thanks G for being messenger. My friend.


Lil Wilson Pickett & land of a thousand dances thinking of Patti Smith

Here’s a rough draft, not sure how rough, yet

free range convict
for Jacob

I recollect, even
in our sleep we
surrender. Virginia
Woolf found every
pebble on that beach
to make stone soup.
alas, forgot to change coat.
upon these 10 toes I stand
determined. question &
never to define. I’m a good
man better than some
worse for the wear. hell
I even remember purpose of
blood. see between greed.
one’s prison is 3 squares.
never to stand upon yonder.
chair with rope necklace. never
sleep in anything but good
ole thermal


Anonymous said...

when do you get out?
i see that the Milwaukee
contingent has taken over The Poetry Project @ St. Marks.
how nice. i have lots of poems
up on Myspace and they are actually worth reading. if
you're interested let me know.
i'll check back to see if you've
remarked on this comment. your blog
here will be a book, no?

JT said...

Either Dec 2008 or July 2009. One major member yes has moved on to NYC. Though her heart is huge she will never escape Milwaukee. Yes,it is nice. Quite delirious. Of course I'm interested in seeing new work. Context helps me. Tell me something about poetry/yr life. My blog, no not a book. As Gertrude said" A rose is a rose is a rose." Thank you for your comments.