Tuesday, March 18, 2008

or minus you

you can’t see it but he really was a good man
first kind word heard all day
said he’d pray for us and that i loved him
punished us all so we’d feel his loss
had an audience
thought it was tv but this was a new twist
you, who always come back, be here for
a personal triumph

me birthday

drank with james’s son
& now cry
overwhelmed by

threw out all the old
never to be revisited
life times are piling up
trying to kill what is
trying to kill.

biggest mistake was making a friend
who writes law and order
now it is just contrived.

proven right but by letting
all come out
hurts more.

3-1-08 wave length

until today didn’t realize it spelled out


not embarrassed because
i was with you and
you said
me too

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