Monday, July 30, 2007


Plato (Menno)

….For virtue is relative to the actions and ages of each of us in all that we do.

The wind today was so strong a whisper seemed like a yell 10 miles downwind…the pain of being here weighs my head down so that even when I look up…the sky falls away from me.

Made my cold fruit soup today…consisting of milk, rice, peaches & sugar…(much better with brown sugar & cinnamon). A bird was tangled up in this plastic mesh today & my other friend named Jason got him out…..he just sat in his hands... I imagine trying to thank him.

My friend John & I walked today. Good to see him. He talked to me about labels people try to pin on others in here…& you know…if you take a rock & call it a seed…it still will not grow into a tree…likewise…just by putting a person into a prison does not make him evil. People can be so quick to jump on that bandwagon just so they themselves don’t get labeled…. what a creature

…my Gramps ain’t doin too well…he keeps falling…my dad has hep c and won’t quit drinking & my mom threw out her back. I myself am in rough shape from skateboarding and not taking care of myself…but it was fun.
& no one should regret having fun.

I guess I will leave you with these words from the band Smile Empty Soul:

and what did you expect …a perfect child raised by tv sets…abandoned every mile…
we never get respect…never a fair trial….no one gives a shit… long as we smile.


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