Sunday, July 22, 2007


Thursday morning back in the yard. Cool sun light air eliminates all clouds in the sky. Last few days a clear blur. 2 teeth pulled Tuesday. One on the left, one on the right. A perfect presidential election. Dentist numbs then injects novocain. As needle digs gum he asks me “Is that St. Michael?” touching my forearm. “Yes” I acknowledge my tattoo – “Are you familiar with his prayer?” he asks. “No” I replied adding, “did you know he was the first to speak to Joan?” “Yes” & he proceeds to recite the prayer injecting Novocain at the same time. Needless to say my eyes well up. Look past the ceiling & realize, yes, the journey continues. After an hour or so of digging out the teeth he returns with the prayer, “So you may have it.”

I’m getting canteen today and thanks to Kelly I will be writing letters & getting them out. We are very restricted in every avenue. Stamps & laundry tokens are our method of exchange – 6-7 stamps will buy you a cigarette, a girlie mag. You can trade for anything with stamps. It’s like a testing of will. We will not be defeated. We will continue to walk upright although narcs & snitches are everywhere. I have no use for them on the outside or in here. Somewhere, somehow we must rise.

I’ve been watching the sky, something I haven’t done since I was a child, or reading outside. Remember your first campouts? Sleeping in your backyard? First kiss against a tree, crashing to the ground. Here I don’t want to be inside. I’m the crabby bear that refuses to go into that stinky box at the zoo. Fuck that noise. Nature is the true comfort. The perfect bosom in which to sleep, to think, to love, to grow – not some cement box with corrugated galvanized roof & 4 cops wondering why your scratching your ass. Fuck that noise.

Let’s go back to that fourteen year old lass hearing St. Michael & heeding his word. Listen to those voices & do good upon this world for the one thing perfectly clean.
Hear how how fast this old world spins. One minute in that perfect lover’s arms – the other struggling to walk with leg irons. Holding your baby to accomplish first steps - to burying him within your chest. What is to be learnt? To gain? Survival? Wealth? Ego? I think it’s far more simple. Look & smell the ground we walk on & follow how it disappears under concrete buildings & malls. What do we truly need to exist & thrive? Stand naked before ourselves. It’s written in all our eyes

My bunky is a terrific guy. Welcomed me to Oshkosh with no questions asked. Made sure I got whatever I needed. A solid guy. Drop him a line. He loves dogs:

Name: Jon Renauras L. Franks
Age: 27
Music: All Kinds
Interests: Reading, working out & basketball
My personality: Kind, easy going very friendly
Looks: Well, judge for yourself
What I’m looking for: A woman who’s kind & is as friendly as I & doesn’t mind being friends with an inmate


& last but not least

– Fred Brand #116528. A great guy – a walker of sorts & talented rummy player, 6ft ish, 40ish young male looking for friends, fun long-term companionship. Free in 4 months. Need to settle down! Stays positive and always has a smile. Lonely for now. Seek and ye shall find!

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle. Be our safe guard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him. We humbly pray. And, do, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all of the other evil spirits who prowl the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


a few words from George………

….having both simple needs and little conflict between these needs, by the time they are full grown (Apes) they have learned almost all they need to know (so they rarely play).
Humans driven by complex psychological needs that are always in some conflict, must learn all their lives and therefore continue to play and look for fun well into old age.
In fact, losing interest in looking for fun may be a sign of mental deterioration in older people.
- William Glasser M.D.

Now… I suppose I must’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. I am not really as goofy as I may’ve been in my first letter. I do play, though…. It is …to me…necessary for a vital life.

Today was hot…but not I walked the track, blacktopped & all…I stared @ my feet…Almost felt as if I was home, I used to walk tremendously on the “streets”…That’s a term prisoners use for “home”. As I walked I noticed a seagull caught in the concertina wire…I felt sympathetic and pained. It is late right now…..2347 @ night…
Since my last note I lost a friend to the “hole” (more prison lingo meaning segregation). Some place I don’t want to go to …again. I spent 20 months in DOC’s Double Max @ Portage, WI. Why does not matter…I now get to listen to my radio…Ah! Music…something I couldn’t do in seg,…Right now I am listening…my cellie is in his bunk watchin Alias….tomorrow I work… I just walk around and pick up garbage around this joint…thinking time…I like to think…though others may think I don’t….partly because I’m goofy…Also tomorrow I must go talk to some plants…I don’t know if I’ve stated my religion but I’m an Occultist… I study magic… & talking to plants is..well..interesting… I form a triangle with my hands and focus through my 5th eye on the plant…and get ‘frequencies” or symbols… Yeah, I’m strange…I do still, however, consider myself a witch. I will be going though and leaving you with some words..


….for if while in the company with the body the soul cannot have pure knowledge. One of two things seem to follow – either knowledge is not to be attained at all, or if at all, after death.


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