Sunday, July 15, 2007


There is no mistake, I’m in prison. But three good meals a day & not a dish to wash –
hot showers, an alright bed – solid neighbors – and a huge yard where every form of conversation is held. Circles of guitars & an answer for every question. Yes, the gate is locked, & sharpshooters patrol towers and fences that go on forever. We wear collective clothing & that man there, God knows how he got here.

Well, here are three friends & yes, please write to them.

Michael Conley #342368. S/W/M age 28. A fit, outdoors, recreational person. Enjoys the various walks of life from adventure to plain old leisure time; to traveling. Listens to music from Skynard to the Reel B; Phish to Punk & the Blues. Authors such as Norman Mailer to Robert Frost. Will read or listen to just about anything he can get his hands on. Michael is a great guy. Reminds me of a young, though mellow, Henry Rollins.

Gary Smith #172763 - I used his “words” in my first blog entry. Gary is a great guy. We walk & talk – no subject off limit – I feel blessed to know him.

George Webb, Jr. #368337, aka Eredim (Air-a-dim) 24 this September & is looking for someone to write & become a pen pal. A female around 22-30 years old. Prefers pagans or witches. George is himself a pagan/witch since 2003. An artist; draws, writes, sings, plays piano, loves animals, people, extreme sports – used to skateboard. Loves to climb. A lover, likes to listen, talk – “God, do I love to talk”. Love to get visits, mail, outside communication, and of course, Pagan books. George is a great guy. Hit if off from our first words. He has an amazing sense of humor. Loves seagulls.

These are a few of my guys. The ones I trust. Who have depth, humor- good positive will. True brothers. Today we got our rain. We were able to wander the yard & get our blessings from heaven. Barely does time pass & thoughts, words, sighs go to all of you.
I understand the point of prison, but I fear it’s simply society’s reaction to her broken children. Yes, we are surrounded by monsters – such is life. This is a world that can only be experienced. I will do my best to communicate. Tomorrow our ? today our future.

Please keep us in your thoughts. We do you.

sugar my teeth

belly full
convict stew
marty robbins
on borrowed radio.
skin gone from pale white
to proud american.

neighbor “tijuana”
promise tour of home
“donkey show any thing you want to drink”
when he’s out in ’10.

you won’t wanna
suck my cock
fuck dawn
i’m out

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