Monday, July 30, 2007


Back to you George:

Plato (from Enthymemes)
At last we somehow contrived to agree in a general conclusion, that he who had wisdom had no longer need of fortune.

In here….it’s hard to be magical…you have good things going for you & in comes their (inmate’s) negativity…People who are bad or dangerous to me & my circle of friends are moved to other units….My cell hasn’t been searched in almost 3 months…it’s supposed to be a monthly thing…I healed myself with minor things…brought money, property, friends to my life….it’s true…what Plato says…(above quote)….I need no fortune…I make my own with the knowledge I’ve learned…When I find my soul mate…she will learn what I’ve learned…I seek what I consider….the finer things in life…knowledge, fun, love & art…. I will introduce you to some of my poetry…although it doesn’t reflect my ideologies….it is, however, part of my past….so enjoy the following…it’s a segment from “Intro”.

Conscientious to the simple little things that remind me of what I thought could mean death, but none seem as sweet as this suicide’s breath, it’s sensually warm, intoxicating, even. It hurts so good….my lungs they is seizin’, abstract is the room, tantamount to gloom, spinning twisting. Jesters laugh at my every move, the blood so hypnotic, the bug so mythodic to touch my dreams with golden, chaotic, trance form my life, or death from the best. You all won’t miss me when I’m down like the rest. Cold, alone staring up at the dirt, eye sockets filling up with rhetorical hurt. Bugs don’t bug me. They are now my friend and this now the subtle Intro’s end. ….

Yeah, …I’m a little off…Today my friend was hurt…he found out his wife died…the effects he must be going through I can only imagine…My good friend & secret crush died on 12/24/04 @ 11:45pm along with her & her fiancĂ©’s 1 year old daughter, Isabelle, and her 63 year old grandmother in a house fire…I shall miss you Jenny, Isabelle
(though I never met you) & Gramma K…I’ve lost a lot of friends & family since I’ve been down.
It’s not all fun in here…People die, argue, disown you, lie, steal, destroy & all kinds of miseries happen. I’ve learned to accept things & now it goes a little easier…You got to learn to accept things the way they come otherwise you crack…I didn’t get to visit with John much today…Maybe tomorrow…I can’t think of much…I guess I’ll go to bed….it’s 1:20 a.m. …..good night…

Plato (Apology)

That showed my in an instant that not by wisdom do poets write poetry, but buy a sort of genius & inspiration…

George Webb. Jr.

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