Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Guilty by association.

John wrote about that in a previous entry. I’ve thought about that phrase for a long time. Who do I associate with now? Who have I associated with in the past?
If it is true we are guilty by association then I am guilty of the following right now:

Being old, being young, being a good cook, being a snob, believing in God, hating organized religion, being Catholic, being afraid, being wealthy, being a millionaire, being poor, being on welfare, never cooking, being a civic leader, being in debt, filing bankruptcy, having the absolute best friends, taking friends for granted, having an incredible family, being mad at my family, doing my best, being a slacker, being an underachiever, being an over achiever, being Jewish, being Baptist, not caring, being a stay at home mom, pretending, spending my money foolishly, buying the perfect gift, breaking the law, drinking too much, not taking care of my health, being indifferent, being responsible, being irresponsible, helping out strangers, self sabotage, feeling too deeply, being truthful, playing jokes on people, being a liar, being curious, not ever doing drugs, being a small time drug dealer, being a vegetarian, being faithful, eating too much junk food, being the biggest bitch known to mankind, being an artist, being a sports fan, being cheap, arguing for no reason, being lazy, being judgmental, not caring enough, loving too strongly, fleeing when the going gets tough….etc, etc, etc……………


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