Thursday, October 4, 2007


Some punk punched/beat a Native Elder a few days ago – heard he was a snitch. Heard. Heard he was. Gossip travels here faster than words can follow. Heard he was a snitch. 60 yr some dude & the punk in his 20s. Yeah prison sure. Stupidity without a doubt. Disrespect certainly. Retaliation without a question. 2 dudes just went to the hole. One worked at the training kitchen. 6 pieces of ham & 8 straws crotched. Almost finished his program and then to Min. The other was found with dirty pitcher reeking of hooch. Never rinsed it out before he locked it up. Thought process. Strange thing – knew both guys alright. One did have some issues with honesty. Oh well, frankly the old dude getting his ass kicked bugs the hell out of me. Where were the guys who have some sense of right/wrong – justice – honor. Where are they ever? Is it so hard?

Another wet day. I think I’ll write letters. First to my parents & inquire as to the health of father. Likewise how my mother is holding up. In a few weeks four generations of Tyson will be roaming this country. Ha! Good luck!

Overheard: He’s on the line. Prison is the only thing that’s keeping him alive.

“He goes by Pooh-Pooh”

“Little ole gun got him 2 years. Got out used a gun. Now he’s in county jail facing 90 years”.

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