Thursday, October 11, 2007


There was no referee. There is no referee.
I’m in an empty room in an empty house. No one can hear me. Electric clock furnace & sometimes water in the pipes. Those who know me – know me. Understand that is a different question. Like all events I’m sure this one is timed though does everything happen for a purpose? Obviously certain events lead to certain results. We are governed with in a certain logic. Step outside & all willy-nilly. Every day is the same though everything is different.

Breakfast 6:30 Count 7:30 Lunch 11:00 Count 12:25 Count 4:45 Dinner 5:00
Final count at 9:45.

Within all that events such as school, programs, library, rec, canteen & misc. more. Rest of the day free. Well sort of. Speak. Routine can be good. I wake @ 6:00 work out @ 8:00-9:30/10:00 Shower lunch walk read/sleep dinner walk & talk – library every day write listen to cds there are few books to check out. Now this is I won’t make it to min because of program needs. In max, little, very little movement. Around you always wraps tension. Insane sitting with you back in the cell. No matter how much you relax you never really relax. There are people here you want to hurt & people who want to hurt you. It’s not a secret. I personally believe some of the reasons why guys are here are excessive – fighting, drinking, I’ve seen child support.

Back when I lived in Galena, we’d all go out to a friend’s house 5 miles out of town. Beautiful old farmhouse all funky and left to be. Within range an old insane asylum & poor house. Yep, locked up because you couldn’t pay your bills. That was back in the late 1800’s. Has this country even understood Darwin? Any way, my point was my empty room in my empty house. It’s where I live in here. You are those squirrels in my attic. I talk to you when I leave peanuts. Need some more newspapers?

At lunch & early today talking with some buddies, making plans for getting together on the outs. I’m so into it. Introduce fellow travelers with those who couldn’t come with. No doubt about it I’m in. We’re spread out. I look like first out – but I will keep in touch. & some of you out there can help me plan. Make cakes! We owe it to each other. We come in alone & leave alone. It’s what’s done between. Are we planning robberies, murders, car jackings – no. It’s all about survival. Same terms as life. You come in alone. It’s what you do. What you’ve become. Who you are. The difference between want & need. Strip everything to the bone. Basic construction. Structure.

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