Friday, October 12, 2007


Got news an inmate beat his celly with a cribbage board. News travels too fast & I don’t need to spread gossip. I bring it up for you to check out. It’s a reality check. You never know who sits beside you. He came downstairs bloody, said to the C.O. I think I killed my celly. Please say a prayer.

Walking thru the yard an alright C.O. rides by on his bike. I say “Good evening” he says, “Hi, John”. To be called by your first name is a distinction of honor. I make an effort to always get first names of every guy I meet. & I mean who I want to know. Every one has a nickname, which is cool, I get it. Some nicknames are true. Some hype. First name so personal. So civilized.

If prison could be narrated I’d elect Slim. He’s a feisty guy – a physical resemblance to Charlie Manson. But frankly, without a doubt, we’d be friends on the outs. Without a doubt he’s eccentric. Feeding the ants, banging his hand on the table – a very, very loud speaker with a heart of gold. No one, I mean no one, fucks with him. He’s honorable. Constantly he’s filling me in on things – what that guy’s about – how he owes him a soup or 2. When I told him that my mail that I send out has been opened, he told me that can happen. When I told another friend he chastised me – no one no one should know your business. Everyone is a possible snitch. I don’t send out ‘bad” things – letters, poems, you know, but I send out big packets. I wish I knew the law in this regard.

Slim introduced me to his celly James, an amazing spade player. We just lost a few games & he’s always like – don’t worry – it’s alright. Real mellow. Hated playing cards in County Jail. So much bravado & I was just learning. I think I got me a partner.

Well things change in a moment. Slim is now my celly. My last moved to another unit. I turned to Slim “you & me”. It’s cool. He works on art – I write. Radio in background. Grandboy on the way. My father fighting to stay around. & the world keeps revolving. In mine I ask for a few kind thoughts. Some prayers. A better today & a tomorrow of dreams. For all of us. A better world.


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