Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My parents were/are some of the most honest people I know. As a child I could ask my mother anything & she’d answer. Sure it would have to be the right time and place but she’s always be direct. My siblings for the most part sure, well actually my sisters. My older sister always direct and honest, definitely “filled” in for my mother when times were rough or as I refer “odd”. & my younger sister, well she rarely could do wrong. She had/has that grace. Very plop in your face but sweet as fuckin pie. As a child it was found out she was allergic to dog dander. I had a dog, “Lady”. Got her from Bob Dylan ( just kidding). Well, my sister got sick & Lady hit the road & yeah, times were odd. Never had a problem with my sister though I was confused when another dog showed up later. Just a scene from “The Days of Wine & Roses”.

Last night Frankenstein & I wanted to make a stew for Rudy - a 70+ German who grew up in South America. Rudy never ate one & it turned out his bunkee Frank was turning 44. So a feast made by Frankenstein (even included chicken from lunch) was devoured by the 4 of us. Little Debbie Swiss Rolls stood in for birthday cake. It was a wonderful end to another wonder in prison.

To be direct I’ve always fallen for the eyes, shoulders, mind, wit the back & the capacity for brilliance. Never the timid, egotistical, self involved (though can be cute) or just plain flat tire. Lovers. Friends. Those I’ve stumbled upon. Seeked. Journied to find. Were always treasures. Treasured. And yes I’ve been on the found side & we’ve run to that love together. To put it bluntly, I’ve never judged a tree by it’s fruit. What is brought to what is taken from is more profound than the physical/hormonal make up.

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