Sunday, September 16, 2007

82907 ½

Lopez, I thank you for you friendship. Your support. What doesn’t kill us makes us stranger. It’s worth doing. Never let the ants destroy a picnic. Someone sober @ 999.

twilight’s purge

evening confronts daylight’s slight of hand
7 pm all manifests
guard tower razor fence uncut grass
wends way thru brain
dredge soul
all flee
I’m with Noah & Amanda’s heavy with child
lucid hush-hush
a craving so dear
alas, you may fly my kite, walk my dog
vent ramble sow this warden.
length never great
unless measured with blood
surrender difficult.
my courage
my teeth

oh the joy
for Kelly

I am that but which can never deceive
she rarely understood
alive almost 70 yrs
she should beg the pardon
& retreat from that glare.
skin tastes of salt pork
my butter bean.
insanity best served at room temperature.

God, how Evan resembles Steve Earle
on cover of
“Hardcore Troubadour”.
they say
say it
it will
come true
I scream, “what the fuck!”
Noah & Amanda just made my visitor list.

before 8am, he said
for Frank

you find.
found yr
self. in
a room
& too many corners
not enough

his first wife dead.
discovered in the bathroom.

tats reads
find peace
upon his belly.
every morning

at the end of every sentence

& july become the rocket’s red glare

it was an english
christmas & I
was the tree.
pants with pockets
& french toast with no syrup.
so far away am I. my boat floats to shore. hitching post of sorts.


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