Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Leto II (the tyrant) from the book Chapterhouse Dune, by Frank Herbert.

“time does not count itself. You have only to look at a circle and this is apparent”.

Part 1 - 72307

The solitude of slumber is shattered by the count bell. My weary head moves my weary feet to the dreadful floor…cold…Slowly I recover from my 8 hour coma. My shoes hurt, these weary feet. Abominations from the God’s, we only them for balance because it is the way we’re made. At work I’m actually asked to do labor, so I give birth to a 7 oz healthy sweat, after an hour and a half struggle. Man, wanted me to shovel sand which blew on to the parking lot…and why? Wasn’t the sand here way before the institution?
Planes fly overhead in a ‘V’ formation…what are we…geese? These scattered clouds today were mocking me. I just wanted a nice day, instead they grab the hot air and torment me.
(mid-day) my friend comes over before he leaves to go home, walking out to the horizon.

Part 2 - 72507

Is seems like a dream to me, when people we care about in here go home. In our world it seems like it could never happen, then as it approaches, it seems just too good to be true. I know I’ll see my friend again, but is just feels like he’s gonna be gone: and I know he won’t be. He’ll stay in touch.

Sometimes we need good friends… & hugs. And inmates almost always associate hugs with homosexuality. I do not have a problem with homosexuality, it’s just I’m not. And I don’t like being labeled as something I am not. But my point is, even as hard as some inmates try to act…we need contact. Whether it be male or female. That’s why so many, I think, switch sides. They’re open & in touch with their emotions. My friend will walk out of these gates today. I’ll give him a hug on his way out.
Regardless of what people think….I will miss him.

Tleilaxu Thu-zen (Dune series)

“corruption wears infinite disguises”

George Webb

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