Wednesday, August 22, 2007


While I’m flattered by Mr. Horne’s attention I am disappointed at his lack of any professional muckracking. C’mon – you read the blog, cut & paste your quotes & write your blather. Yep, I worked at Channel 10/36 Friends, but I also delivered newspapers & worked for Citizen’s Action. Our department was eliminated in Feb of ’06 & I was arrested in Aug ’06. The connection? Let’s guess & make wild assertions that Horne hates a success story like the Friends (nice huh?).

Yep – read it all about life behind the bars. But did I say, in regards to the rape, that an old prisoner did it? Or autograph copies of books under the nose of guards? First of all, they were broadsides. Certainly someone such as Horne, who has such high regards for poetry should know the difference between broadsides and a book. Wait – I’m sorry, it’s poetry – not alcohol. Under the noses of guards? - yep – you caught me in my Jedi mind trick. And yes, I talk about “whatever” (“whatever” spoken in Horne’s valley girl dialect), brought me to prison. (Entry dated 7-14-07).

I have been contrite & accepting of all guilt through this time, not to avoid this but because I understand I broke the law & I’m serving time for that crime and getting myself away from my madness and getting the time I need to heal.

Horne wraps up with taking words from George and attaching my name -
(This is the entire quote from George – (7-25-07)

“Sometimes we need good friends… & hugs. And inmates almost always associate hugs with homosexuality. I do not have a problem with homosexuality, it’s just I’m not. And I don’t like being labeled as something I am not. But my point is, even as hard as some inmates try to act…we need contact. Whether it be male or female. That’s why so many, I think, switch sides. They’re open & in touch with their emotions. My friend will walk out of these gates today. I’ll give him a hug on his way out.
Regardless of what people think….I will miss him.”

C’ mon – did you read any of the blog? And frankly, as my friends leave prison I will hug them but right now I’m here for them as my friends and family are here for me.

Mr. Horne, perhaps you should take a long look at yourself. Think about getting stoned in your glass house.


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