Monday, August 27, 2007


I’m glad others give/gave perspectives of prison. We’ll tie it all together. A Japanese thriller/love story gone wrong.

It’s been over four months since I’ve heard Noah’s voice. My mind is generous enough to remind but I need that freedom. His verse. His laughter. His down shifting. I can stare into the sun, hear his voice and get none of the black spots & then forget I’m here.
Forget that I’m here…here…here. I miss his touch. His stature. Timber. Every day the shore gets closer.

I like manifestos of poetry. To explain. Elaborate. Remove the roast from the oven. Line of breath not of meter. Of now. This. This. Of walking. Berrigan was/is of walking. Meter slinks from shadow. Over the shoulder. When I’d walk to PBS I’d write ditties sometimes. An alright poem. What I realized real fast was never finish that poem. It’s like filling a balloon. Too much & it pops. It’s over. All over. A poem is mysterious. Undressed. Dressing at the same time horizontal – vertical rotating on axis dancing. But when it’s finished with it’s over. You better write it down or forever regret. If no paper, freeze in space. Shut mind off. Finish journey. Find your medium. Method. All shall come back walking like coffee. Awake. Awakes. Waxes & shakes. The deliberate malt.
Found a George Oppen book here. Collected Poems. Quiet poems that allowed to speak, chop. Clean out. Knife to vegetable. Eye to ground. Stare sky. I read late while others sleep. Prepare journey into sleep. Away from sheep. My mind retires. Lets me know John, it’s alright. The Earth’s rotation brings us home. I think Dorothy again.

My anger is tender. Forgettable. Uncertain. Yes, this is the (one of “the”) places of intense frustration. But and I repeat, but the faster I come to & realize breath. The best I’m delivered. Sure enough I freak about the bullshit comments & same day amazing letters of concern & support. I guess/know the bottom line. Keep eye on the horizon. Rotation brings us all hope. Thanks Chuck. Lopez – nice tight poems. All my friends & my family out there – my mantra is Love-Hope-Redemption. You the receivers.
Yeah, you too, Colette.

Colette, a whole amazing chapter.
Friend of my life.

visitor’s list:
saturday morning
3:55 a.m.
for Kelly- Stacy-Julie-Amanda & Noah

look out that window
all i see
barbed wire.
into yr eyes
all i see.


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