Friday, August 17, 2007


Imagination cannot make fools wise, but she can make them happy, to the envy of reason which can only make it’s friends miserable, the one covers them with glory, the other with shame. – Blais Pascal, Philosopher

Imagination. It’s an awesome survival skill. When I was in the hole, I got bored so I invented games…card games, R.P.G’s, dice games (had to make them), and other weird games.

My cellie & I will often joke “let’s go to Subway” or the movies, or whatever. It’s good to keep your mind in shape. We (me & my friends) will make witty comments back & forth. Keeps you on your toes.

The last two nights I’ve been laughing so hard. You can’t be miserable here. I see so many who are filled with evil, hatred, spite, misery. They’ve lost their sense of humor. Makes it real hard.

In 36 days I’ll be 24. There was a lot I wanted to accomplish by the age 24. I did manage to complete some. I’ve graduated. Went to take college training. Had jobs. Become a successful writer. The biggest postponement is a family of my own. I can wait though. I need to get myself straight.

“in the land of dirt & plaster, lies an army of a thousand nowhere kids, losing ground & falling faster into a life that no one should have to live.” – Smile Empty Soul – Nowhere Kids

See ya – George Webb, Jr.

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