Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Questions I have been getting often:
How’s John?
How’s your friend doing?
What’s it like at the big house?
What did you guys talk about?
Going again?
Did you find a man there? Hahahaha…….

My answers:

He’s good, thank you.
It’s fine.
None of your business.

How is John? All things considered - I think he is good. I’m relieved. Seeing him was so good for me. It eased my mind. He is skinny. Brown. Has more freckles on his nose than I do.

I guess I really needed to hear his voice. I was used to talking to him almost every day. We worked together for 8-9 years. After we both left that employment – hung out sometimes. Checked in with each other often. Lots of good dinners. Beer & whiskey. Books, music & movies. Lots of conversation. Tons of laughter.
For the past six months – separation anxiety for me.

Yesterday, he talked a lot. I could tell he was happy that friends/family can and do visit now. Have real contact. For me, it felt like we were just hanging out again. Simple. Perfect.

I will relate 2 stories from my visit that were funny/charming to me –

Funny – John told me that he tries not to open mail from me in front of anyone. They are very interested in what he gets in one of my manila envelopes. They ask him if immediately if they can have one of those things – what ever the “thing” may be – a picture, an image, an article. He gets asked often if he has received one of “those” packets recently.
This is really funny to me. The Kelly myth grows.

This story I find charming….

Earlier this week I had received in my packet from John a couple of things from George. He wrote me a letter thanking me for this blog. (you are most very welcome). Mind you, I don’t know this kid from anything. I thought it was very sweet so I responded with a letter back to him. I mailed it before John’s next package.

Saturday, when I was talking to John, I told him I wrote George a letter. He said he already knew. He said – I saw I didn’t get any thing from you today and was a little disappointed about that and then I saw George coming towards me with a big smile on his face. I said to him – You got a letter from Kelly didn’t you? George was happy. Said he couldn’t read my writing – that’s okay. John deciphered it.

I urge all of you to contact your friends & family often – no matter what their circumstances are.. . A phone call, an email – letter – a hand written letter (wow). It doesn’t cost you much. Just let the ones you love know that you are thinking of them.

I have a huge family. We are in constant contact- brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, all my cousins. We are always in communication no matter what state we live in. If I don’t hear from some one in my family every day I know something is wrong. Maybe we are the exception to the rule but we all know how much we all love each other.

A very short message – Hey, I was thinking about you. Just wanted to say hi. – is perfect.

You may not get a response but you just may have made someone’s day.



serpentdown said...

the top of my head;
do you remember the night,
i saw god?
memory;you,ct and the boys,
driving though my head,
driving though the south,
i said you were crawl to ct,
you told me,not to inter;fear.
time spins it's web,
the body pushes though;
worm holes witling though,
the brain.
the future is now,
the prresent,forever escaping,
into numbing shades of gray;
i have listened to the music,
wising up memory;
crawling on the floor,
picking at scabs;
a feeble attempt to feel.

black as night,
the future is rolled out,
for the primer.

JT said...