Monday, August 13, 2007


Exhausted. A path. Driven. Between rapture & despair.

Silence, elixir of the God’s. Alone within ones thoughts. The great escape. Remember closing your eyes, spinning in a circle as you count to ten? Wide eyes & running uphill, tripping over distortions. Welcome. Fasten your seat belts. It’s 9:15 pm & all I remember is the speed of light. Fragments of visions rolling over conversations, stepping around confrontations. Realizations, Dorothy. Home Sweet Home. Panic gives you multitudes of abstractions ‘til you realize your face is peeling again. Another 90 degree day. Another fraction of reality. Another another.

Met a great guy, Rick. Ease – he loves to walk. Compassionate as hell. Heart as big as John Wayne’s booming voice. Enough piss & vinegar to propel our ship called brotherhood. Stand up.

My sister & hubby will be sending cash to Kelly – hurray! A radio soon, perhaps Levi’s. I’m so grateful. Stacy has sent a few books, Pasolini (genius poet, director, visionary), poetry & sketches. The cops refused Cantos, I wanted to ask – Still pissed about Mussolini? Who knows? Hopefully I’ll get it.

I thank you all for your support.
It’s like hearing the voices from the top of the well “Hello, are you down there?”
I think walking is a huge political act. Forward the legs pushing, pumping. We will not back down. Watching from the sidelines here, I’m impressed.

Starting writing a larger poem (h)orizon. As you stare off into space thru the fences back to reality. I’m assaulted. Realizations freak me out. So staring at a blank screen, I organize.

Looking for poems for the first issue of Flagrant. Got a few already, need more. Received a confirmation letter from Monk today - he is doing the first cover. He’s in Prairie du Chien trying to get art supplies – so we’re still on. So get on it. Monk is an amazing tattoo artist – old school in every way – great flash - great ink - his stories freak.
Gene from Luckystar has some of his work & I remember hearing stories about tattooing his dog. We live in a small world.
Love your neighbor. Love yourself. Drink a Pabst for us!

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