Monday, August 13, 2007


Many of us in here still need a booster seat, pacifier, and a bib. If you missed that, a majority of the population is either young, complainers, and a lot are slobs. When I first got incarcerated I was a messy, slobby, cryin’ kid. I reacted on impulse rather that rationality. I didn’t take care of myself. My cell was always a mess and I was still 19. Most of my cellies were a lot older. In fact, my cellie now is 41 & I’ve learned more from him than any of my other cellies. My cellies have taught me how to jail – slang for survival skills. I’ve learned how to improvise cooking, diet, work out, react and even release plans. I now have two business plans prepared for when I get out. One I am still taking a lot of notes on.

My faith, I get a lot of flack for. My family is opposed. But that is their opinion. I love my family. Sometimes I wonder if they care for me as much as I do them. I know they care a lot, but don’t judge me. I was once a Christian. And if they were 100% concerned wouldn’t they want to pray and talk rather than oppose? Any feed back would be nice.

Plato – Menno

for virtue is relative to the actions and ages of each of us in all that we do.

Thanks to an opinion from an honest friend, my mask will come down & I shall reveal the ins.

‘til next entry..